• Ask riders, as they board or leave transit, to say, “Thank you!” or “I appreciate you!” or “You’re the best!”
  • Design a thank you card that can be downloaded by the public, signed and presented to transit employees
  • Design a large thank you poster board and carry it around for riders to sign. Afterwards, leave it in break rooms
  • Ask the public to post photos of themselves riding public transit and thanking transit employees
  • Create a “thank you employees” banner and place it at a transit center or another busy area and ask riders to sign it
  • Create a “thank you” social graphic and ask riders to share on their social networks
  • Create a place on your website where the public can leave compliments for your employees, and then develop a way to share the compliments with employees
  • Host an information fair promoting the opportunities and benefits of a public transportation career
  • Ask a local celebrity to be part of an event/ceremony to talk about the great work done by your employees
  • Have a local celebrity or your general manager make onboard announcements honoring National Transit Employee Appreciation Day
  • Have special National Transit Employee Appreciation Day messages for voicmail, email, and electronic message boards
  • Produce special buttons/stickers/t-shirts for all employees to wear
  • Use destination headers to promote National Transit Employee Appreciation Day
  • Produce a video in advance featuring riders thanking transit employees. (Example for MARTA on YouTube)
  • Select employees from each division and get a photo and pull quote from them on why they like working in transit and post the collection on your website and social


  • Have your Board pass a National Transit Employee Appreciation Day proclamation
  • Provide free meals in division offices for operators and staff
  • Host roving town halls for GMs/CEOs to thank operators face-to-face in different division offices
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