Below are the presentations from the 2017 Annual Meeting

Session: Advancing Performance Based Planning and Programming ‎(1)

Session: Capital Programs – Major Projects ‎(5)

Session: Capital Programs – Managing Risks & Lessons Learned ‎(5)

Session: Executive Roundtable: Creating World Class Organizations – Leadership, Culture, Trust, Empowerment ‎(5)

Session: FTA State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) Certification and Best Practices ‎(3)

Session: Innovations in Planning and Implementing TOD ‎(4)

Session: Integrated and Innovative Mobility Management ‎(3)

Session: Leadership APTA: Celebrating its 20th Year ‎(6)

Session: Leading the Way: Small Operations Best Practices and Innovative Solutions ‎(4)

Session: Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty, Managing Emergencies ‎(3)

Session: Transit Agency, Federal, and Research Perspectives on How to Reduce Fatalities & Injuries An SMS Outlook ‎(4)

Session: Transit System Overhauls ‎(3)

Session: Zero-Emission Buses: Lessons Learned and Where to Get the Funding Needed to Put them in Service ‎(4)

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