This page is designed to help transit audiences understand the workforce development programs developed by our regional partner agencies. The examples listed below range from frontline worker development resources and executive programs to strategies for overall employee retainment. These resources are provided both as a sample of the opportunities available to transit workers and as model programs for agencies attempting to develop their own training and development initiatives. The valuable local and regional programs detailed in the links below demonstrate our industry-wide commitment to developing the transportation workforce. Contact information is provided for each of the programs listed.

If your agency has a model training program not listed on our site, please contact Program Manager for Educational Services, Karen Donald, to let us know more. APTA members can click any of the links below for additional details and contact information.

E-Learning and Employee Engagement

APTA partner agency programs offering several e-learning and employee engagement opportunities and platforms.

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Emerging Professionals

APTA partner agency programs for emerging transit professionals including manager-in-training, management development, and mentorship.
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Frontline Training

APTA partner agency programs for frontline personnel including apprenticeships, safety, transit maintenance, and career development.
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Manager & Supervisor Training

APTA partner agency programs for existing and aspiring transit managers and supervisors covering a broad range of topics in leadership development, supervisory skills, and career advancement.
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Other Transit Training

Other national organizations who provide additional programs in transit training.
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Senior Leadership Programs

APTA partner agency programs for senior leaders offering courses in management, operations, and best practices.
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Transit Training by Industry Partners

We encourage APTA members to review the range of trainings and professional development opportunities provided by some of our industry partners and colleagues. Click “Learn More” to find out several other national organizations that provide additional programs in these areas.
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Youth & Student Training

APTA partner agency programs for youth and students including internships, summer schools, and vocational training.
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