Bus Maintenance Webinar – Disc Brakes (Part 1)

Disc brake technology brings immediate cost savings for transit/coach operators thanks to the reduced weight, compact design and easier servicing compared with conventional systems. Direct maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as is the time required for servicing – and this in turn reduces the out of service time and increases the productive deployment of the vehicle.

This will be a two part 60-minute webinar series that will feature Disc Brake periodic inspection with the wheels-on and wheel-off for transit vehicles. Periodic inspection of the disc brake system will ensure proper and reliable operation.

The first webinar we will present the following:

  • General Information
  • Disc Brake Overview
  • Inspection Points
  • Functional and Visual Checks

The second webinar we will present the following:

  • Comprehensive inspection of the foundation brake system
  • Caliper Movement Test
  • Caliper Adjuster Test
  • Brake Pad Inspection
  • Rotor Inspection

It is necessary to check some of the components regularly for their general condition. The following points ensure a long-life and trouble-free operation of the disc brake system. This periodic inspection process will indicate if removing the wheels would be required for a more in depth Disc Brake inspection. This will depend on the vehicle operating profile and additional inspection of the components may be necessary.


John Brundage, Foreperson from the MBTA in Boston, MA and moderator for the second webinar session on January 28, 2015. John will provide his insights of how MBTA has developed comprehensive maintenance programs that provided increased reliability with the service demands that the MBTA vehicles operate in the Boston Region.


Part 1: PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)


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