This webinar was held on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Please join us on July 14th, 3pm – 4pm Eastern Time, for Part 1 of our two-part series on rail transit defensive operations. This web series is brought to you by members of our Operating Practices Working Group, and will cover how to incorporate defensive operations into your agency. Learn how to increase train operator situational awareness through the consistent application of specific tactics and best practices.

For Part 1 of our series, we will hear how three light rail agencies successfully incorporate these tactics into every day use. Join us on July 14th to hear how ACI Light Rail Operations, San Diego MTS and the New Jersey Newark Line, all work proactively to minimize incidents, accidents, and near misses.

In September, we will hold Part 2 of our two-part series in which we will continue the discussion to include heavy rail defensive operations and how a defensive rail operations program is an essential component of your agency’s safety management system and public transportation agency safety plan.


Brian Riley
Superintendent of Transportation, Rail Division
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

Brian Riley is the Superintendent of Transportation for the Rail Division of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. Brian is also the MTS Mid-Coast Extension Start-Up Manager-Rail Activation Coordinator who provides direction on operating plans, train timetables, train consist configurations, operational characteristics, fleet equipment, and other operational requirements. In addition, Brian is responsible for drafting implementing and monitoring policy and procedures for Light Rail safety and operations, which complies with state and federal regulatory rules, procedures, and compliance.

Brian’s education includes, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration in Management, ENO Center for Transportation Leadership, San Diego State University, Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership Transit Safety Institute, Transit System Safety Program Certificate, The Railway Education Bureau, Basic & Advanced Principles of Track Maintenance. Currently, Brian serves at the Vice Chairman, APTA Operating Practices Working Group (OPWG).


Christopher E. Wallgren
Vice President
Transportation Resource Associates, Inc. (TRA)

Chris Wallgren has worked in the transit industry for over 20 years, consulting nationwide for heavy rail, light rail, and bus transit agencies. Chris is a transit industry leader in the development, support, and performance of state safety oversight services.  He has supported the development and audit of SSO program standards and procedures for state safety oversight agencies and independent oversight boards for non-FTA fixed guideway systems, including automated peoplemover systems.  He is currently working with SSOAs and transit agencies to meet the expanded requirements for enhanced safety management systems (SMS) and the development of compliant Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans.

Additionally, Chris has served as the staff advisor to the APTA Rail Standards Operating Practices Working Group, which has developed 27 critical standards that deliver consistent approaches to operations at all U.S. rail transit properties.  He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Transportation Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and possesses multiple safety certifications related to rail transit safety.

William McClellan
Senior Associate
Alternative Concepts, Inc. (ACI)

Bill McClellan has more than 30 years of experience in transportation management, PTASP, SMS, Safety/Security and operations. His expertise spans light rail and heavy rail operations, maintenance, training, safety and administration. Bill is also certified by the Transit Safety Institute in Safety Management Safety Assurance, Transit Systems Security, Safety Management Systems Awareness and Agency Safety Plans for Bus Agencies. Through his extensive knowledge of Operations, Safety and Security, PTASP and SMS, Bill has successfully developed and implemented various Safety and Security training, policies and procedures for ACIs contracts.

Prior to joining ACI, Bill spent 30 years working for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, rising to the position of Assistant General Manager for Rail Operations. He is an active member of the APTA Operating Practices Working Group, Rail Transit CEO’s Committee, Rail Transit Committee, and the 2nd Chair on the Rail Transit Standards Policy and Planning Committee.

Joseph Tassiello
General Manager Light Rail Operations
New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit)

Joseph Tassiello is General Manager for Light Rail Operations at New Jersey Transit. He has over 38 years of extensive experience and knowledge in the Transit industry; of which 33 years were spent at New York City Transit. He worked his way up from Car Inspector in the Car Equipment Division and finished his tenure as “East Side Lines” General Superintendent, in the Division of Car Equipment, IRT “A” Division (2-4-5 Lines).

Currently, he oversees the operations of Newark Light Rail, Hudson Bergen Light Rail and South Jersey Light Rail. He has devoted much of his time in developing common operating practices and standards for all three properties in the areas of cross-training, mutual-aid agreements and technology transfer protocols, while overseeing a combined FY20 Operating budget of $73.6M. Joseph is a member of the APTA Standards Working Group and has served as coordinator of the annual department of Car Equipment Maintenance Rodeo.

Joseph W. Bodine
Manager, Light Rail Technical Training & Operations
New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit)
Joseph Bodine in The Manager of Technical Training at Newark Light Rail – New Jersey Transit. Joe has 34 years of experience and knowledge in the Transportation arena. His first 15 years were spent as a Bus Operator. He worked his way up from Bus Operator to Bus & Light Rail Instructor and in 2006 was permanently stationed at Newark Light Rail. As the principal trainer / instructor, Joe was the first person to operate on the Broad Street Extension during testing period. Currently, Joe oversees all facets of Employee and Contractor training for Newark Light Rail.
Edward Graham
Assistant Superintendent of Transportation, Rail Division
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Edward Graham is the Assistant Superintendent of the Transportation Department for the MTS Rail Division at San Diego Trolley Inc. Edward provides day to day oversight main line operations, Operations Control Center, Transportation Supervisors, Train Operators, Roadway Workers, and ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Edward has been a part of MTS for 15 years and has held various positions including Train Operator, Transportation Supervisor, Transportation Controller, and Central Control Supervisor. Edward has been in his current position as the Assistant Superintendent for the past four years. Edward is a Transit Safety & Security Professional (TSSP), and currently is a member of APTA’s International Rail Rodeo Committee.

Michele Cederberg
Transportation Training Supervisor, Rail Division
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Michele Cederberg is a Transportation Training Supervisor for the Rail Division of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. She provides program development, oversight and training for employees’ certification and recertification programs in the Transportation, MOW, LRV Maintenance, and Facilities Departments.

Michele has been a part of MTS’s success for 19 years. She started her career as a Train Operator, moved into Supervision, held the positions of Line Supervisor, Yard Supervisor, Controller, and Training Supervisor, to her current position as head of the Transportation Training Department for MTS/Rail. Michele has been a Transit Safety & Security Professional, from the Transportation Safety Institute and a World Safety Organization, Certified Safety & Security Director since 2015.

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