This webinar was held on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Battery-electric buses have been rolling out for over a decade now in the US. Every major transit bus OEM in North America has at least 1 or more fully-electric bus models to choose from. However, charging infrastructure projects are still quite diverse, and there are many lessons to be learned and shared amongst agencies and peers.

In this webinar, the agency panelists and their infrastructure partners will detail their specific projects including on-route overhead conductive DC fast charging, low power DC plug-in charging, on-route and depot inductive charging, as well as leased charging infrastructure.


Lisa Jerram
Director – Bus Programs and Emerging Vehicle Technologies
Joel Torr
Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Electriphi
Vice Chair-Webinars, APTA Clean Propulsion Committee


Angie Gompert
Administrator, Martha’s Vineyard Transit Agency
Michelle McCutcheon-Schour
Consultant, VEIC
Danny Ilioiu
Strategic Planning Manager, King County Metro
Radhika Moolgavkar
Special Projects Manager II, King County Metro
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