Clicking on any spot on the map brings up a dialog box where you can select from the Senators or Representative for that area and see this same sidebar:

What if My Information Is Missing?

Member locations: email us at with the information about your agency that needs to change.

Transit layers: bus buffer, rail lines and stations: these are generated from publicly available General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data, the data that powers Google Transit.  Your agency must publish its GTFS zip file in a permanent, publicly accessible place (usually on your website), and update that file as your schedules change. You can email us at if you have questions about how you can get your GTFS data included.

There are several resources developers use to find GTFS feeds, you can announce your feed’s presence to them:

Resources on GTFS and Open Data:

What am I looking at?

This is your initial view of the tool. The larger dots on the map represent APTA member locations. The smaller purple dots are rural public transportation providers from the National Transit Database. In the top right is a search bar with several functions. In the bottom left are the check boxes that toggle the map layers, and a drop-down menu for changing the underlying map style.

(click to enlarge)

Clicking on the arrow in the top right corner (red circle below), you can select one of several variables to search.

  • “Address” allows you to search for a specific address or a city, town, or state
  • “APTA Members” allows you to search for an APTA member agency, business or organization by name
  • “Legislators” allows you to search for a Senator or Representative by name
  • “Congressional District” allows you to search for a House of Representatives district by state code and district number (e.g. NY 05)
  • “Committee” lets you select from a list of House and Senate committees and shows a list of Representatives and/or Senators to pick from

If you select Congressional District and enter a district like this: “CA 41” without quotes, you get a list to pick from. Click on the district to center the map on that district and bring up information about the district:

 (click to enlarge)

The light blue outline on the map is the boundaries of the congressional district. The purple lines with black icons represent rail lines and stations. The darker blue overlay is the area around bus stops.

On the left is a sidebar with a picture of the Representative and information about the district, including the amount of public transportation service provided and the federal funding for public transportation in the urban area(s) the district is part of. Also included is the number of APTA member locations in the district and a list of those APTA members by category.

Clicking the ‘Download’ icondownloads an excel-compatible file with a list of the APTA members in the district and information about those members and the Representative or Senator.

Clicking the ‘Print’ iconbrings up a printer-friendly fact sheet with the sidebar information, a map, and the list of APTA members in the district.

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