///Industry Footprint Questions & Disclaimers

Industry Footprint Questions & Disclaimers

Industry Footprint Questions & Disclaimers2019-04-15T15:04:39-04:00
  • Questions about how to use the tool? Read the Guide
  • Is data on your locations or transit service missing? Email us.
  • All information on APTA members is automatically generated content from the APTA Netforum database. For any updates to occur to the Industry Footprint, changes will have to be made to the APTA member provided content via NetForum. If you are an APTA member and wish to amend your location information, please contact APTA’s Senior Director of Membership, Helene Brett, at hbrett@apta.com.
  • All data on bus sheds and rail lines are provided from automatic feeds from those transit properties reporting publicly in the General Transit Feed Specification, which is the most common format for public transportation schedules and related geographic information.
  • Information on congressional districts, including boundaries, and members of Congress representing these districts, is automatically updated by ProPublica’s application programming interface.
  • For further information, please contact us at info@apta.com.
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