The American commuter is no longer required to settle for private automobiles as their main way of getting around.

More than three in four Americans (77%) see p​ublic transit as the backbone of a multi-transit lifestyle that includes current and future technologies such as ride-hailing (e.g. companies like Uber and Lyft), bikesharing, carsharing, autonomous vehicles (AVs) and other emerging technologies, according our new study The Transformation of the American Commuter.​

New technologies, data capabilities and business platforms have disrupted transportation, rapidly changing how people move and redefining urban mobility. Ride-hailing and ridesharing companies have expanded mobility options. Autonomous vehicles will bring new opportunities for consumers as public transit agencies and other service providers integrate autonomous technology into their service offerings, potentially reducing operational costs. Technological change and generational change will make people more likely to use multi-transit options and will allow the transit industry to reach new users.​

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