Public transit riders are part of the engine that powers America’s economy, with 87% of public transit trips directly impacting the economy through connecting people to employers needing workers and to retail and entertainment venues. Seventy-one percent of public transportation riders across the country are employed, and another 7% are students. This study, authored by the CJI Research Corporation, is the most extensive demographic report of public transit riders ever, with nearly 700,000 passenger surveys.

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The previous report on public transportation passenger demographics was published in 2007 as APTA’s Profile of Public Transportation Passenger Demographics and Travel Characteristics Reported in On-Board Surveys.

The report references several older APTA reports on public transportation passengers. These reports are:

  • Americans in Transit – 1992
  • Transit Performance Monitoring System (TPMS) Summary Report Phase I & II – 2002
  • Transit Performance Monitoring System (TPMS) Summary Report Phase III – 2004
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