How to Get Involved in Standards Development?

The Standards program is open to all industry stakeholders including APTA member and nonmember organizations. APTA uses more than 30 working groups, technical advisory groups and standards policy and planning committees to create industry consensus-based standards and best practices. Participation can be achieved by reviewing draft documents during the monthly public review and commenting period or by joining a working group and contributing your expertise to the development of documents.

Public Comment

APTA Standards are developed using a fair, balanced, and consensus-based process. All industry stakeholders may participate in the development of standards. During the public commenting and review process, APTA places draft copies of  documents on the APTA website for review. Documents are available online for a minimum of 30 days. Stakeholder can provide their suggestions, criticisms and insights via an online form. All remarks are collected and reviewed for incorporation into corresponding documents.

Working Groups

Working groups utilize volunteer subject matter experts to write and develop sections of theses documents, identify sources and references. Upon completion of a working draft the working group must ballot the document using a consensus-based process to approve the document for publishing. Active working groups utilize online work spaces found in APTAconnect’s online community platform. Review the list of standards working groups and then visit APTAconnect to contact the corresponding APTA staff advisor to join a working group.


  • Gap Safety

Bus Transit Systems

  • Brake & Chassis
  • Bus Maintenance Facility
  • Bus Operations
  • Bus Procurement Guidelines
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Bus Safety
  • In-Plant Inspection
  • Bus Maintenance Training

Commuter, Intercity and High-speed Rail (HSR)
Note: Formerly Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards (PRESS)

  • Construction & Structural
  • Electrical
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Mechanical
  • Passenger Systems
  • WheelRail Interface


  • Buy America Clarifcation
  • Procurement Process
  • Technology Procurement

Rail Transit Systems

  • Elevator & Escalator
  • Fixed Structures & Maintenance
  • Operating Practices
  • Rail Grade Crossing
  • Rail Maintenance Training
  • Signals & Communications
  • Streetcar
  • Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance

Security & Emergency Management 

  • Control and Communications Security
  • Security Emergency Management
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure & Systems Security

Sustainability & Urban Design

  • Sustainability
  • Transit Asset Management
  • Urban Design

Technology for Transit Systems

  • Revenue and Data
  • Technology Procurement
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