Public Review of Draft Documents

APTA invites all stakeholders to review and comment on draft documents in development.  The APTA Standards Development Program publishes documents through a consensus-based process and the public review period is a critical part of the development process.

The current review period starts on  April 1 and ends on April 30, 2022. 

Commenting Instructions

View the latest set of documents in development by APTA’s working groups. Reviewers may submit comments as often as they like during the review period. Start your review today!

  • Reviewers should scroll down to the bottom of this page
  • Select the name of the document to review more details, download or provide a comment
  • Select Document Actions to “Add a Comment”
  • Comments are accepted from APTA members or nonmembers
  • Reviewers should contact if you experience any problems with providing your inputs
  • For additional guidance download this Step-by-Step Guide. 
Title Category Working Group Description
Transit Bus Front and Rear Axle S Cam Brake Reline Bus Transit System Brake & Chassis This recommended practice provides guidelines for performing a complete brake reline on the front and rear axle of a bus with S-cam brakes. The practice includes disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and assembly.
Aftermarket Disc Brake Pad Evaluation Bus Transit System Brake & Chassis This recommended practice provides guidelines for troubleshooting transit bus air systems, including basic design criteria, preventive maintenance and common problems.
Troubleshooting Common Transit Bus S-Cam and Air Brake Complaints Bus Transit System Brake & Chassis This document establishes a recommended practice for troubleshooting common braking-related complaints on transit buses equipped with S-cam brakes. Individual operating agencies may modify these guidelines to accommodate their specific equipment and mode of operation. Test results must meet or exceed federal, state or other local regulatory agency requirements if different from the recommendations outlined in this document.
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