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  • APTA Workshops & Seminar, Philadelphia, PA, October 3-6
  • APTA’s TRANSform Conference & Expo, Orlando, FL, November 7-10

Check Out a Brand New Podcast Series “Transit Research Today”, the Official Podcast of the Transit Cooperative Research Program.

TCRP Group on LinkedIn

TCRP is interested in sharing an open dialogue with you, so check us out on LinkedIn. If you are a LinkedIn member, please feel free to join the TCRP Group. If not, please join LinkedIn and get in on a great conversation!

Getting Involved

TCRP Synthesis Consultants for the Fiscal Year 2021 Program

TCRP is looking for consultants to perform as synthesis principal investigators. To formally express interest in authoring a topic please submit letters of interest to the Letters of Interest Submission Portal by August 27, 2021.

Submit new research topics or by serving as a panel member, proposer, or contractor for TCRP research:
You can become involved with the work of the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)

Peer Calls

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) hosts Peer Calls every other month on a particular topic in rural and tribal transit to facilitate information sharing and discussion of mutual issues and solutions. Find out more and register for upcoming Peer Calls.

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