The Transit Cooperative Research Program conducts research on behalf of the transit industry through competitive contracting. Research opportunities are generally advertised electronically via the web to those firms and other organizations who have expressed interest in contracting with TCRP to conduct research projects. Organizations can register to automatically receive email notices of new RFPs by registering on TRB’s web site. Automatic electronic notification will result. You must have access to the internet in order to be notified of a request for proposals and to obtain RFPs. For more information please email or call Christopher Hedges at 202-334-1472.

Submitting a Proposal in Response to a TCRP RFP: The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) is an applied, contract research program with the objective of developing near-term, practical solutions to problems facing transportation agencies. Proposals should evidence strong capabilities gained through extensive successful experiences in relevant problem areas.

Any agency interested in submitting a proposal should first make a thorough self-appraisal to determine whether or not it possesses the capability and experience necessary to ensure successful completion of the project. In order to keep abreast of new project statements, you can provide your email address and be notified whenever a new project statement is posted.

The specifications for preparing proposals are quite strict and set forth in the current issue of the TCRP brochure, Information and Instructions for Preparing Proposals (Updated April 2016). Proposals will be rejected if they are not prepared in strict conformance with the section entitled, “Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Proposals.

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