Improving the Safety, Health, and Productivity of Transit Operators Through Adequate Restroom Access

Report 216

Minutes Matter: A Bus Transit Service Reliability Guidebook

Report 215

Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes – Guide

Report 214: Volume 1

Stray Current Control of Direct Current-Powered Rail Transit Systems: A Guidebook

Report 212

Guidance for Calculating the Return on Investment in Transit State of Good Repair

Report 206

Social and Economic Sustainability Performance Measures for Public Transportation: Final Guidance Document

Report 205

Understanding Changes in Demographics, Preferences, and Markets for Public Transportation

Report 201

Tools for a Sustainable Transit Agency

Report 197

Broadening Understanding of the Interplay Among Public Transit, Shared Mobility, and Personal Automobiles

Report 195

Decision-Making Toolbox to Plan and Manage Park-and-Ride Facilities for Public Transportation:
Guidebook on Planning and Managing Park-and-Ride

Report 192

Guide to Value Capture Financing for Public Transportation Projects

Report 190

Manual to Improve Rail Transit Safety at Platform/Vehicle and Platform/Guideway Interfaces

Report 189

Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit

Report 188

Linking Transit Agencies and Land Use Decision Making: Guidebook for Transit Agencies

Report 182

Guidebook on Pedestrian Crossings of Public Transit Rail Services

Report 175

Improving Safety Culture in Public Transportation

Report 174

Developing Best-Practice Guidelines for Improving Bus Operator Health and Retention

Report 169

Building a Sustainable Workforce in the Public Transportation Industry—A Systems Approach

Report 162

Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations

Report 153

Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies

Report 148

Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Alignments

Report 137

Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 16, Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

Report 95: Chapter 16

Business Models for Mobile Fare Apps

Synthesis 148

Current Practices in the Use of Onboard Technologies to Avoid Transit Bus Incidents and Accidents

Synthesis 145

Multimodal Fare Payment Integration

Synthesis 144

ADA Paratransit Service Models

Synthesis 135

Public Transit and Bikesharing

Synthesis 132

Battery Electric Buses—State of the Practice

Synthesis 130

Improving the Resilience of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural Disasters: A Guide

Web-Only Document 70

Decision-Making Toolbox to Plan and Manage Park-and-Ride Facilities for Public Transportation: Research Report and Transit Agency Case Studies

Web Only Document 69

Technology Contracting for Transit Projects

Legal Digest Report 51

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