The purpose of this policy is to ensure the timely, efficient processing of new member applications submitted to APTA.

a. This policy applies to all new membership applications.
b. This policy applies to the Membership Application Review Subcommittee (“MSARS”), the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and APTA staff.

a. APTA Bylaws Article III, Section A (“Admission to Membership”).

a. APTA membership staff:

  1. Receives applications and review all information pertaining to the membership category being selected and the information provided to establish the correct dues;
  2. Creates a membership record for each new applicant ensuring complete information is included in each membership record including documentation related to DBE/WBE/MBE certification status, if appropriate;
  3. Creates a list of new membership applications for review by MSARS.
  4. Processes membership applications receiving approval from MSARS and no objections from the Executive Committee.


  1. Receives membership reports from APTA membership staff and approves or denies memberships, as appropriate.
  2. Transmits membership approvals and denials report to the Executive Committee.

c. APTA Executive Committee:

  1. Receives report of MSARS membership approvals and responds in 14 business days with any concerns. If no response after 14 business days, membership approval by MSARS stands.

APTA membership staff are responsible for reviewing membership applications in accordance with APTA bylaws requirements. APTA membership staff will also discuss with the applicant the services and benefits of membership. APTA membership staff will create a report with all the membership applications ready for approval or denial. MSARS will review the report and approve or deny memberships, as appropriate. MSARS will submit its membership report including all approvals and denials to the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members have 14 business days to voice any objections regarding the membership report. If there are no objections or responses to the MSARS membership report, then the approval or denial is permanent and final processing of the membership applications will take place. If there is an objection to a membership approval or denial, then the specific membership application will be calendared for discussion at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Certification of Secretary/Treasurer

I hereby certify that the above “Board of Directors’ Attendance Policy” was adopted by the Board of Directors of APTA at a properly called meeting with an appropriate quorum present.

This 7 day of October, 2017

Printed name: Kim Green

Signature: ______Signature on file______________


Acknowledgment of APTA Chair

This 7 day of October,2017

Printed Name: Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr.

Signature: _______Signature on file_____________

APTA Chair

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