The purpose of this policy is to set forth procedures regarding what constitutes “reasonable notice” for Board meetings.


a.This policy applies to all Board meetings.

b.This policy does not impact the specific timeframes for meeting notification for Executive Committee meetings as outlined in APTA bylaws.

c.This policy does not impact the specific timeframes for meeting notification for special meetings of the Board as outlined in APTA bylaws.


a.APTA Bylaws Article IV, Section A (“Meetings”).

b.APTA Bylaws Article VIII, Section E (“Board of Directors”).


a.APTA Staff:

  1. Prepares Board agenda and materials.
  2. Transmits Board agenda and materials to APTA Board members.
  3. Posts Board agenda and materials to secure website available to APTA Board members.

b.APTA Officers:

  1. ​Works with APTA staff to develop and finalize Board agenda for distribution.


APTA staff will provide at least 30 calendar days’ notice of the Board meeting date, time, and location. Not less than 15 calendar days before the meeting, APTA staff will distribute a draft agenda to the APTA Officers. Upon approval, the final Board agenda along with supporting materials will be distributed to Board members not less than 7 calendar days before the Board meeting. Simultaneously, such agenda and supporting materials will also be posted to the APTA Board member website.

Certification of Secretary/Treasurer

I hereby certify that the above “Board of Directors’ Attendance Policy” was adopted by the Board of Directors of APTA at a properly called meeting with an appropriate quorum present.

This 11 day of  March, 2017

Printed name: Kim Green

Signature: ______Signature on file______________


Acknowledgment of APTA Chair

This 11 day of  March,2017

Printed Name: Doran J. Barnes

Signature: _______Signature on file_____________

APTA Chair​​​​

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