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Governance Questions and Answers

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If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered below, contact Linda Ford, APTA’s Chief Counsel, at 202-496-4808 or lford@apta.com​.

Q:  What is the difference between the APTA board of directors, the executive committee, and all the other APTA committees?

A:  While APTA’s extensive committee structure provides forums for information sharing and education based on particular topics (e.g., the public-private partnerships committee) or positions (e.g., the transit board members committee), it is the APTA board of directors who determines APTA policy and provides high level strategic guidance to the APTA staff.  The executive committee of the board of directors fills those functions whenever the APTA board of directors is not in session.

Q:  How do I know if I qualify for service on the APTA board of directors or executive committee?

A:  Review the qualifications described in the new APTA bylaws – Article VIII describes the board of directors while Article IX describes the executive committee.

Q:  What positions are open to transit governing board members?

A:  Any position on the APTA executive committee or board of directors open to transit agency personnel may be filled by transit governing board members.  These include all executive committee positions (except the five reserved for business members), and the designated transit system director, several designated committee chair director, and the twenty at large director positions on the APTA board of directors.

Q: Do I have to be a CEO or board member to serve?

A: No. The intent of the APTA governance model is to provide a balanced, broad leadership base that takes advantage of the unique skills and experience that can only be drawn from throughout our diverse membership and ensure our future.

Q: Someone else from my company is already on the board. Can I still serve?

A: Absolutely. The governance model is designed to open leadership opportunities as broadly as possible. A single company or agency might have multiple personnel in the APTA leadership structure through service on the executive committee, as the designee of one of our largest dues paying members, as a chair of a designated committee, or as a member at large of the board of directors.

Q:  Can I apply for more than one position?

A:  Absolutely.  Although you may serve in only one seat on the APTA board of directors or executive committee, you may nominate yourself for multiple positions you are interested in. 

Q:  Can I still participate in other APTA committees if I am elected to the APTA board of directors or executive committee?

A:  Absolutely.  There is no limit to how many committees any member can join.

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