Rule/Notice/NOFO:  CEQ, National Environmental Policy Act Guidance on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change

Federal Register/Notice:

Type of Requirement:  Interim Guidance

Description:  The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is issuing this interim guidance to assist agencies in analyzing greenhouse gas and climate change effects of their proposed actions under the National Environmental Policy Act. CEQ is issuing this guidance as interim guidance so that agencies may make use of it immediately while CEQ seeks public comment on the guidance.

How is it enforced by FTA, DOT, Direct grant requirement, triennial review or other?  N/A

Is there a cost or time impact to grantees (best estimate): There is not a direct cost, but CEQ must include quantifying any proposed action’s total GHG emissions avoided as a part of total net GHG emissions in the final guidance for NEPA analysis.

APTA Comment/Letter:  Completed Comments

APTA Staff Advisor: Eric Bustos,

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