Category B – Transit Management Companies


A firm or corporation organized to provide professional management services to transit systems within the same boundaries as a U.S. or Canadian System provided that Management Company Membership shall not take the place of the transit system membership.

In addition, Transit Management Companies who also do consulting work must include revenue from consulting activities when calculating dues.

How Dues Are Calculated

Based on number of systems managed, plus, if appropriate, additional charge for consulting activities.

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Dues Schedule

Dues will be the total of #1 and #2 below. Call the APTA Membership Department for exact quote.

1. Transit Systems Managed

Number of Transit Systems Dues
1 to 5 systems $1,210 (minimum dues)
6 or more systems + $103 per additional system

2. Consulting Work

Those Transit Management Companies who also do consulting work shall calculate their dues based on the Category C – Business Members schedule, and add that figure to the total from #1 above.

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