Nomination Instructions and Requirements

Follow the instructions carefully as the 2023 application process has been improved and all submissions are done via the link below. 

  • Submissions must be fully completed by the deadline of Friday, July 7, 2023 at 12:00 noon Eastern. Incomplete applications may result in being discounted or rejected by the Awards Committee.
  • All Nominees must be an APTA member in good standing (only the Distinguished Service and the Hall of Fame nominee DOES NOT need to be an active APTA member)
  • In telling the story of your nominee’s achievements, you must include specific facts and statistics.
  • All nominations should include how the nominee demonstrates APTA’s core values: Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fairness and Equity, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Accountability.
  • Specifically for Business Member, Transit System CEO, Transit Board Member and Hall of Fame, show how the nominee demonstrates a sustained commitment to the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through leadership practices and policies.
  • Outline the nominee’s career in public transportation, including all positions held. Describe in detail his/her exceptional achievements to the advancement of the public transportation industry and why this individual is worthy of this special honor.
  • Describe the nominee’s active participation in APTA activities over the course of his/her career, including elected positions.
  • List honors and awards received, which elaborate on the individual’s achievements and contributions.


Outstanding Public Transportation Manager Award
This award honors a manager of ​an APTA public transportation system member who has made outstanding contributions to the public transportation industry. It’s typically awarded to the CEO of the transit system.

Outstanding Public Transportation Board Member Award
This award honors an individual serving on the governing board of an APTA public transportation system member who has made outstanding contributions to the public transportation industry.

Outstanding Public Transportation Business Member Award
This award honors an individual, employed by an APTA public transportation business member who has made outstanding contributions to the public transportation industry.

Distinguished Service Awards (State & Local)
This award honors a public transportation decision maker; elected or appointed official; or private citizen who has contributed to the public transportation industry on the local or state levels through policy, legislative initiative, and leadership.

Hall of Fame Award
This special honor is reserved for individuals who have long and distinguished careers in the industry; who have made extraordinary contributions to public transportation; and who have actively participated in APTA activities. Induction into the Hall of Fame is based upon the following criteria, which should be addressed in each nomination:

  • Has 20 years or more of distinguished service to the public transportation industry.
  • Is no longer active on a full-time basis in the same job discipline in which the individual’s 20 or more years of qualifying service to the industry was performed, and has not been for at least one year at the time of application.
  • Was an active participant in APTA activities over the period of his/her career.

Submitting Your Nomination

Important Information: If you are unable to input the data all at once, you may exit the survey and return to it later. To do so, click “SAVE AND CONTINUE LATER” at the bottom corner of the page on the right. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and the survey tool will email you a link where you can continue filling out the form at a later time. The email will come from Alchemer. Please check your spam/junk folder, if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Click the link below to complete and submit the nomination form for all Individual Awards.

APTA Individual Awards Nomination Form

If you need to review the nomination form prior to completion, download this PDF version of the form for your reference only.

For questions or more information:

Kym Hill
(202) 496-4855

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