APTA’s Standards Development Program has advanced nine documents to the public review and comment. The public commenting period is an essential component of APTA’s consensus-based standards development process. Specifically for this month, documents are ready to be reviewed by bus and rail executive-level administrators, operators, and transit security professionals. The current set of documents address the following topics:

Commuter, Intercity & HSR (PRESS)

  • Attachment Strength of Interior Fittings for Passenger Railroad Equipment
  • Gap and Creepage Distance

Security & Emergency Mgmt. 

  • Developing a Transit Agency Response Plan to a Public Health Emergency
  • Developing a Pandemic Virus Service Restoration Checklist
  • Security and Design Considerations for Restrooms at Public Transportation Passenger Facilities
  • Trash/Recycling Container Placement at Public Transportation Passenger Facilities

Sustainability & Urban Design 

  • Transit Parking 101
  • Partnerships to Promote Transit-Oriented Communities
  • Design of On-Street Transit Stops and Access from Surrounding Areas

Visit this page to view documents and submit any comments.

If you experience any difficulties submitting your feedback on APTA’s secured website, please email our team at standards@apta.com.

The current set of document reviews must be completed by March 5, 2021. Thank you for your continued support of APTA’s Standards Program.

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