This webinar was held on Thursday, July 9, 2020.

APTA’s Bus Technical Maintenance Committee is hosting a three-part webinar series presenting on the Air System Supply Circuit, Air System Control Circuit and Air System Troubleshooting. The Air System can be challenging to even the most experience technicians. Direct maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as the time required for servicing and repair reduces the out of service time and increases the productive deployment of the vehicle while building technician confidence.

This webinar is the second in the series in which control system operation, inspection points, visual and functional checks will be discussed in detail. You can find the first webinar here.


Obed Mejia
Senior Bus Equipment Maintenance Instructor
LA Metro
Los Angeles, CA

Obed Mejia is the Senior Bus Maintenance Instructor serving the Los Angeles County Transportation Authority (L.A. Metro). Obed oversees training for 1700 maintenance personnel, including new hire testing, promotional testing, refresher training and division instructional support. Obed has over 28 years’ experience in vehicle maintenance and over 17 years’ experience training. He holds an AA degree in automotive technology and Master ASE status in Automotive, Transit Bus and Heavy Truck.


Brian D. Markey
Custom Training Aids Inc
La Verne, CA

Brian Markey retired from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority after 38 years as Mechanical Instructor specializing in transit bus brakes and mechanic apprentice training and class development. Brian is the President/CEO of Custom Training Aids Inc. which designs and builds mechanical training equipment for classroom instruction in government agencies, transit bus properties, trade schools, and private companies. Brian also instructs at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and instructs and develops curriculum for the Southern California Regional Transportation Training Collation. He also serves as an ASE transit bus H Series test writer. Brian serves on both APTA Brake Force and Training Development Committees. He sponsors the APTA Bus Roadeo Air Brake Competition and is a DOT Certified accident and fire investigator.

Frank Forde
Equipment Maintenance Instructor
LA Metro
Los Angeles, CA

Frank Forde is a bus equipment maintenance instructor at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He started at LACMTA as a Mechanic C in 2001 moving up the ranks to master mechanic leader in 2009. He was a member of LA Metro’s champion team winning 1st place at LA Metro 2003, 2005 thru 2009 and the Regional Roadeo in 2005 thru 2009. The team also won 1st place maintenance team and grand champion at the APTA international Roadeo 2007. Prior to LA Metro Frank worked at JMC truck repair and United States Navy from 1993-1999. Frank is a member of the APTA brake and chassis committee. He has earned a Certificate for automotive, Certificate for Diesel and is a certified smog technician. He is a 1989 graduate of University College Cork City, Ireland; and completed Bendix air brake training in 1999, Bendix anti-locking brake system in 2000, and between 2000 and 2003 completed Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

John Brundage
Transit and Rail Vehicle Specialist
Boston, MA

John Brundage has close to 30 years in public transportation including stints as a mechanic, foreman, and acting project manager. Following 24 years with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, John joined Jacobs as a Transit and Rail Specialist. John has been a contributing member of the Brake and Chassis Working Group for over 6 years and is a past TCRP panel member.

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