Honoring The Legacy

Throughout the history of public transportation in North America, APTA and its member organizations have consistently advocated safety as a core value and top priority of the industry.

APTA is proud to commemorate the 100th anniversary (1914-2014) of the transit safety awards program, presented by APTA and its predecessor associations and known currently as the Bus and Rail Safety & Security Excellence Awards.

The year-long commemoration was featured in each of the respective awards presentations, conference sessions, and publications, as well as an interactive display at the 2014 Annual Meeting & Expo in Houston, which highlighted the theme of Commemorating 100 Years of Safety Innovations.

Contribute to the Commemoration!

Using detailed information about the history of your respective system or company, APTA compiled an industry timeline and highlighted 100 safety innovations (i.e. tools, technologies, and practices) which had a profound and lasting impact on the industry.


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