Recommended Practice

Transit Bus Front and Rear Axle S-Cam Brake Reline


This recommended practice provides guidelines for performing a complete brake reline on the front and rear axle of a bus with S-cam brakes. The practice includes the disassembly, cleaning, inspection and assembly. This recommended practice is to be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s service manual.
It is recommended that all components be replaced equally on both wheel ends of the axle. Failure to do so may affect braking performance.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA BTS-BC-RP-004-07 Rev. 1 09/09/2022 Published Current
APTA BTS-BC-RP-004-07 05/05/2007 Published Superseded


Anchor pins, brake shoes, S-cam bushings, brake adjuster, wheel bearings, spider, return spring, wheel seals, brake shoe rollers, brake rebuild, brake reline, brake maintenance



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