Recommended Practice

Aftermarket Disc Brake Pad Evaluation


This recommended practice provides guidelines for troubleshooting transit bus air systems, including basic design criteria, preventive maintenance and common problems.

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APTA BTS-BC-RP-011-22 09/09/2022 Published Current


ABS tone ring, aftermarket, boot, brake performance, bridge, bushing, caliper, carrier, disc, disc brake maintenance, friction material, hub, original equipment (OE), pads, pin, potentiometer, retaining strap, rotor, seal, slide pin, spring clip, torque plate, wear indicator, wear sensor, wheel seal


Proper maintenance will ensure the safe and dependable operation of transit vehicles. This document establishes a recommended practice for assessing the selection of friction material for in-service transit buses. It provides information for judging the performance of aftermarket brake pads on air-actuated foundation brakes when performing the dynamometer test and vehicle stopping distance procedures in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 121, Air Brake Systems, as well as information on lining supplier qualification. Such information will assist fleet operators in choosing aftermarket brake pads that will perform adequately on typical city transit buses.

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