Recommended Practice

Reducing Driver-Controlled Distractions While Operating a Vehicle on Agency Time


There are many driver-controlled devices, conditions and activities that might distract from safely operating a vehicle. This Recommended Practice establishes best practices to assist agencies with guidance concerning mitigating or minimizing these driver-controlled distractions while operating a vehicle on company business.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA BTS-BS-RP-005-09 12/31/2009 Published Current


alertness, awareness, distraction, electronics, phones, texting


 Since January 2008, more than 100 bills in approximately 30 states have proposed to limit distracted driving, from cell phones, in some capacity at the state or local level, according to the Denverbased National Conference of State Legislatures. The number of wireless subscribers in the June 2008 was 262.7 million, up from 230 million in December 2006, according to the Cellular Communications and Internet Association, based in Washington D.C. Recognizing distracted driving as a serious public safety issue and as a civil liability toward organizations, the APTA Standards Bus Safety Working Group was convened to study
and recommend mitigations to reduce transit operator distractions. A separate Recommended Practice has been developed with recommendations for reducing operator distractions that are under management’s control.

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