Emergency Evacuation Units for Passenger Rail Cars


This standard contains the minimum requirements for an emergency egress system for new and remanufactured passenger railcars using a combination of doors and emergency window exits suitably equipped for use in an emergency.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-PS-S-003-98 Rev. 2 02/04/2022 Published Current
APTA PR-PS-S-003-98 Rev. 1 06/15/1998 Published Superseded


EEU, egress, emergency exit, emergency window, evacuation


As a result of derailments, onboard fires and other emergency incidents that require passengers to exit a passenger railcar without the intervention of a member of the train crew, each car must have a sufficient number of exit paths that remain usable after an incident. In the most likely derailment and fire scenarios, one side and one end of a railcar will not be suitable for emergency egress, requiring alternative means to exit the car on the remaining usable paths. Due to the great number of car configurations, the passenger railroad operator and the car designer shall determine the combination of exit doors and emergency exit windows required to establish an emergency egress system, as expressed in emergency evacuation units (EEUs).

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