Recommended Practice

Developing a Clearance Diagram for Passenger Equipment


This recommended practice provides a guide for passenger railroads to determine their particular equipment clearance requirements and develop a clearance diagram sufficiently specific to allow equipment designers to develop designs that will conform to those requirements.

Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-CS-RP-003-98 Rev. 2 04/24/2024 Published Current
APTA PR-CS-RP-003-98 Original 03/26/1998 Published Superseded


clearances, diagrams


Section 1 guides the user to the appropriate subsequent sections based on the passenger railroad’s track ownership. Section 2 provides a checklist of steps to take in defining the clearance requirements for equipment (locomotives and cars) to be operated on a passenger railroad’s own track, together with some specific recommendations. Section 3 describes the steps to take in defining the clearance requirements for equipment to be operated only on another railroad’s track. Section 4 describes the steps to take in combining the clearance requirements for a passenger railroad’s own track with those for another railroad’s track.

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