Attachment Strength of Interior Fittings for Passenger Railroad Equipment


This standard contains minimum requirements for the static strength of interior fittings and the strength of attachment of interior fittings to the carbody structure.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-CS-S-006-98 Rev. 2.1 07/26/2023 Current Proposed for citation revision
APTA PR-CS-S-006-98 Rev. 2 05/28/2021 Superseded
APTA PR-CS-S-006-98 Rev. 1 09/28/2005 Incorporated by Reference into CFR 49 CFR §238.733 (2021)

49 CFR §238 Appendix G (2021)


attachment, design, fittings, strength, load


This standard provides requirements for the minimum strength and attachment strength of interior fittings on passenger railroad equipment, along with design practices required to ensure the proper functioning of interior fittings and to reduce the extent and severity of passenger injuries resulting from secondary impact during a collision, derailment or other emergencies.

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