Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys for Passenger Equipment Carbody Construction


This Standard provides a guide for the selection of appropriate aluminum alloys for rail passenger equipment used in fabrication of passenger railroad equipment. In addition to basic information on the grades of aluminum alloys and their designations, this standard also includes precautions for selecting, welding, and handling the aluminum alloys.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-CS-S-015-99 Rev. 2 09/26/2022 Published Current
APTA PR-CS-S-015-99 03/17/1999 Published Superseded


aluminum, aluminum alloys, railcar construction


This standard covers heat-treatable and work-hardenable aluminum alloys in sheet, plate, extrusion, forging, casting and bar form for use in mechanically or weld-assembled structural elements of passenger rail vehicles. Of the 150 or more alloys recognized by the Aluminum Association, some are more suitable for specific applications than others. Alloys to be avoided for specific applications are listed. The end user should ascertain the commercial availability of the proposed alloys in their specific commodity format. The fact that an alloy is registered does not necessarily guarantee its availability. Aluminum products and test methods may be fully described in traditional English units or in SI units, in ASTM, EN, JIS and Aluminum Association standards and data documentation.

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