Passenger Car Handbrake Periodic Inspection and Maintenance


This standard establishes the basic procedure for handbrake inspection and maintenance. The standard covers vertical wheel, horizontal wheel and lever type handbrakes.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-IM-S-004-98 Rev. 3 01/17/2020 Published Current
APTA PR-IM-S-004-98 Rev. 2 08/09/2017 Published Superseded


handbrakes, handbrake periodic inspection and maintenance


Passenger car handbrakes provide safety and security in the storage/layover of passenger equipment at terminals, maintenance facilities, passenger stations (where applicable), outlying layover/storage points, and during emergency situations. These systems (if applicable) are essential in the safe operation of
passenger cars. This standard establishes a procedure for handbrake inspection and maintenance. It covers vertical wheel, horizontal wheel, and lever type handbrakes.

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