Recommended Practice

End-of-Car Connections with Tightlock and Interlocking Knuckle-Type Couplers


This recommended practice defines the position of air connection fittings and electrical connections with respect to tightlock couplers pulling face and shank.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-M-RP-001-97 Rev. 2 01/15/2021 Published Current
APTA PR-M-RP-001-97 Rev. 1 03/11/1997 Published Superseded


air connections, air hoses, brake hoses, communication trainlines, digital trainlines, ECP trainlines, HEP trainlines, MU trainlines


This recommended practice defines the location of air and electrical connections adjacent to coupler shank for short- and long-shank tightlock couplers used in passenger rail service. It defines the locations for locomotive-to-locomotive, locomotive-to-car and car-to-car connections for air brake fittings and hoses, ECP trainlines, head end power receptacles and cables, multiple unit (MU) receptacles and cables, communications receptacles and cables, and digital trainline receptacles and cables. In addition, it addresses interferences with safety appliances and between the connections. This document was titled “Air Connections for Passenger Cars Equipped with AAR Long Shank Tight Lock or Similar Long Shank Type Couplers” in its previous version.

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