Compressed Air Quality for Passenger Locomotive and Car Equipment


This standard defines the minimum quality of the compressed air for air brake and auxiliary pneumatic systems on passenger locomotives and cars, including a uniform basis for testing and measuring the quality of compressed air for compliance

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APTA PR-M-S-011-99 Rev. 2 06/01/2017 Published Current


air dryers, air supply system, air quality


In pneumatic fluid power systems, power is transmitted and controlled by pressurized air within an enclosed circuit. For safe and reliable operation, rail passenger air brake systems require installation of an air supply system to compress ambient air; to remove water vapor, oil content, and particles; and to prevent condensation within pneumatic system components. The design of the air supply system needs to take into consideration all the major components, including the compressor, the air dryer, oil separators, condensate collectors, reservoirs and other functional components as part of the air supply system. Only when the performance of all the components in the air supply system are properly coordinated can the quality of the final compressed air output be guaranteed for a safe and reliable pneumatic system

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