Wheel Flange Angle for Passenger Equipment


This standard defines the minimum flange angle and the minimum length of surface on the flange over which the angle must be maintained. These wheel flange parameters are important in reducing the risk of low-speed wheel-climb derailments. This standard also provides drawings of wheel profiles that are compliant with its requirements.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-M-S-015-06 Rev. 1 2/4/2022 Current Proposed for citation update
APTA PR-M-S-015-06 Original 06/2/2007 Incorporated by reference into CFR 49 CFR §213 app. D(2)(c)(1)(ii) (2013)


flange angle, low-speed wheel-climb derailment, Nadal, rail profile, railroad wheel, wheel profile



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