Intratrain Communication Requirements for ECP Cable-Based Passenger Train Control Systems


This standard sets forth the requirements for an intratrain communication system. It outlines the basic communications hardware, system protocol, and message and performance requirements for the train-line communication network.

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APTA PR-M-s-024-19 Original 08/07/2019 Published Current


brake, ECP, emulation, rail car, train


This standard was prepared by the American Public Transportation Association in cooperation with its member railroads and the supply industry. This standard defines the requirements for an intratrain communications system for passenger equipment in revenue interchange service. It is intended to facilitate interoperability between passenger coaches and locomotives without limiting the proprietary design ap-proaches used by individual suppliers. The intended use of the intratrain communications system is control of electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brakes, and the continuous monitoring and safety reporting of vari-ous components on passenger coaches and locomotives.

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