ECP Cable-Based and Passenger Emulation Braking System—Approval Procedure


This standard identifies the document submittals and testing that must be conducted to gain approval of the ECP brake equipment as applied to passenger cars and locomotives.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA PR-M-S-025-19 Original 08/07/2019 Published Current


approval, brake, ECP, passenger car, rail car


This safety standard contains the requirements to obtain approval for new electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) braking systems that meet the requirements contained in the latest revision of APTA PR-M-S-020-17, “Passenger Electronic 26C Emulation Braking System—Performance Requirements,” and the latest revision of APTA PR-M-S-021-17, “ECP Passenger Cable-Based Braking System—Performance Requirements.”

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