ECP Passenger Cable-Based Braking System—Interoperability Procedure


This safety standard contains the test procedure that SUPPLIER-A and SUPPLIER-B intend to complete to establish the interoperability baseline among ECP systems that comply with the APTA family of standards for electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems operating on passenger cars that are part of the general railroad system.

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APTA PR-M-S-026-19 Original 08/07/2019 Published Current


brake, ECP, railcar, train, interoperability, test


This standard identifies the minimum tests for the demonstration of interoperability between suppliers at a vehicle level for ECP brake systems in service on passenger train equipment. It is not the intent of this test procedure to verify that a supplier complies with all the requirements of APTA. This test procedure will validate only that the SUPPLIER-A and SUPPLIER-B systems are functionally interoperable between locomotives and cars equipped with SUPPLIER-A or SUPPLIER-B ECP equipment. The scope of the tests will include ECP mode. Any new supplier will need to qualify with all previously approved (conditionally approved) suppliers’ equipment.

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