Recommended Practice

Heavy-Duty Escalator Design Guidelines


This Recommended Practice contains guidelines for transit systems to use to specify heavy-duty escalators for use in a transit environment.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-EE-RP-001-02 Rev. 3 06/07/2019 Published Current


escalators, heavy-duty escalators, transit escalators


This design guideline is the result of the combined efforts of the members of the APTA Elevator and Escalator Technical Forum over the past several years. The objective is to address the specific heavy-duty escalator needs of North American transportation systems. It is intended as a guideline of technical provisions for the design and construction of escalators that can provide safe, reliable service in the harsh, heavy-usage, high-abuse environment of transportation systems. Membership of the Technical Forum includes transportation systems, consultants and escalator/component manufacturers.

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