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Recommended Practice

Crash and Fire Protected Inward and Outward Facing Audio and Image Recorders in Rail Transit Operating


This Recommended Practice (RP) provides minimum requirements for selection, installation, and operating and maintenance requirements for crash and fire protected inward and outward facing audio and image recorders in all rail transit vehicle operating compartments. This RP includes guidance for design criteria,
administrative program activities, maintenance and usage, and data management.

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cameras, crash, crash and fire recording systems, fire, audio recorder, image recorder, NTSB, Recommendation, R-17-13, operating compartment, microphone


This RP addresses and strengthens requirements for crash and fire protected audio and image recording systems for rail transit vehicles. In particular, it calls for the design and operation of inward and outward facing audio and image recording systems in rail transit vehicle operating compartments so that the rail transit agency (RTA) can capture data that will be essential in investigating accidents and in managing the safe operations of trains. This RP has been developed in response to key concerns and findings raised by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in their report on Inward and Outward Facing Audio and Image Recorders as Investigation and Safety Tools – dated February 21, 2017 and adopted on August 24, 2017 and in response to NTSB Safety Recommendations R-17-13.
Every RTA experiences events which require investigation as to the causes and contributing factors and the capture of accurate data can be enhanced with audio and image recordings. While some states have issued rules concerning the installation of audio and image recording systems and many RTAs have begun to install such systems on their existing and new rail transit vehicle fleets, the rail transit industry is in need of a consistent guideline that outlines considerations for the design of systems; the formal operation and maintenance of the systems; and the management of data.

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