Recommended Practice

Platform Berthing Requirements


This recommended practice provides guidance for the development of rules and techniques for platform berthing of rail transit vehicles and provides suggested approaches for developing such rules and procedures to guide the safe berthing of trains and operation of train doors.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-OP–RP-027-20 Original 02/04/2020 Published Current


platform berthing, door operations, automatic train operation (ATO), automatic train control (ATC), manual train operations, safety.


This recommended practice provides ways for rail transit agencies (RTAs) to address and prevent situations in which improper platform berthing has occurred and has introduced potential risks or hazards to passenger safety. It recommends that RTAs develop rules and policies that would safeguard employees, customers and infrastructure from potentially unsafe or hazardous situations. It also recommends that RTAs perform periodic internal audits to ensure compliance with these rules and procedures.

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