Rail Transit Signals Operating Rules and Procedures


This Rail Standard provides guidance for the development of rail transit system (RTS) operating rules and procedures pertaining to signals. It outlines the wide variety of signal systems and the requirements for rules pertaining to their operation.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-OP-SP-006-03 Rev. 3 10/8/2018 Published Current


automatic block system, automatic train control, automatic train operation, automatic train protection, block, block signal, cab signal, call-on, fail safe, fail soft, signal indication, interlocking, permissive block, positive stop, restricted speed, signal, timing signal, non-shunting equipment, vital function.


This standard establishes requirements for operating rules and procedures governing rail transit signal systems. It was developed to help rail transit systems apply and utilize train control signal technology to enhance safe, efficient train operation through the application of operating rules and procedures.  Development of clear, system-specific rules and procedures will enhance the safety of employees and the riding public while promoting the most effective use of RTS resources.

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