Electronic Device Distraction Policy Requirements


This standard provides electronic device distraction policy requirements for rail transit systems (RTSs) to ensure that transit employees remain focused on their tasks without distraction.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-OP-S-017-11 Rev. 1 10/08/2018 Published Current


distraction, electronic device, mobile phone


Though the use of electronic devices can be helpful in many transit situations, their use must be controlled in order to keep transit employees focused on their duties while performing safety-critical tasks. This standard establishes requirements for a policy that provides direction as to when and where electronic devices may, and may not be used by RTS employees. Though descriptions of safe areas may vary from RTS to RTS, the intent of the meaning of safe use location remains consistent. This standard also requires that each RTS must also monitor compliance and address non-compliance in accordance with the RTS electronic device distraction policy.

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