Recommended Practice

Coupler System Periodic Inspection and Maintenance


This Recommended Practice provides guidance for the periodic inspection and maintenance of coupler systems mounted on rail transit vehicles.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-VIM-RP-006-02 Rev. 2 01/01/2013 Published Current


couplers, draft gears, drawbars, link bars, periodic inspection and maintenance


This Recommended Practice provides guidance for mechanical, electrical and pneumatic coupling systems used for coupling rail transit vehicles, with manual, automatic, remote, and power-assisted mechanisms. It includes emergency release bolts, energy absorption devices, support devices, centering devices, safety locks, guides, yokes, anchorages, draft gears and safety hangers. It provides a set of useful practices that can be selected and applied during the inspection and maintenance process as the particular design warrants.

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