Diesel Prime Mover and Drive Systems Periodic Inspections and Maintenance


This standard covers the basic procedures for the periodic inspection and maintenance of diesel engine prime movers and drive propulsion systems that are applied to self-powered rail transit vehicles designed for passenger revenue service. These procedures specifically address engines, fuels, lubricants and fluids for diesel prime movers and drive systems.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-VIM-S-012-03 Rev. 2 03/31/2012 Published Current


 coolant, engine, fuel, gearbox, grease, lubricant, maintenance, oil, periodic inspection, turbocharger


This standard addresses the inspection and maintenance of drive equipment that is unique to diesel engine prime mover rail transit revenue vehicles. Diesel engine prime mover propelled rail transit vehicles are very similar in design and construction to traditional LRVs that collect power for propulsion from wayside power distribution systems. A diesel engine driven alternator/generator used in diesel-electric drives or a diesel engine hydraulic/mechanical transmission used in diesel-hydraulic drives are the components unique to these self-propelled and self-contained rail transit vehicles.

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