Recommended Practice

Creating an Alternate or Backup Operations Control Center


Recommended Practice discusses the creation of an alternate or backup operations control center.

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APTA SS-SEM-RP-007-09 Rev. 1 11/7/19 Published Current
APTA SS-SEM-RP-007-09 Original 12/31/09 Archived Newer Version Exisits


continuity of operations plan (COOP), operations control center (OCC), backup operations control center, risk assessment


The purpose of an alternate operations control center is to provide for continuity of transit operation if and when the primary OCC becomes disabled or unusable after a significant emergency event that limits, restricts or renders inoperable the use of the primary OCC. It enables a transit agency to provide essential transportation operating functions after such an event. Alternate OCCs should be capable of being activated within a minimum amount of time, as determined by the transit agency.

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