These documents address security from multiple perspectives. Cyber covers best practices for electronic systems, Risk and Emergency Management cover creation and implementation of procedures and Infrastructure is for designing with security in mind.

Please note: The APTA Standards Development Program has updated document numbers and nomenclature.

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Published Documents

Control and Communications Security

  • APTA SS-CCS-WP-005-19
    Securing Control and Communications Systems in Transit Bus Vehicles and Supporting Infrastructure

Enterprise Cyber Security

  • APTA SS-ECS-RP-003-19
    Enterprise Cybersecurity Involving the Board of Directors and the Executive Suite

Infrastructure & Systems Security

  • APTA-SS-ISS-WP-001-20
    Cleaning and Disinfecting Transit Vehicles and Facilities During a Contagious Virus Pandemic
  • APTA-SS-ISS-RP-002-21
    Security and Design Considerations for Restrooms at Public Transportation Passenger Facilities

Security Emergency Management

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