Recommended Practice

Developing a Pandemic Virus Service Restoration Checklist


This recommended practice covers the development of a service restoration checklist for transit agencies impacted by a pandemic virus.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA SS-SEM-RP-016-20 Rev. 1 05/28/21 Published Current
APTA SS-SEM-WP-016-20 Original 05/21/20 Published Superseded


Contagious Virus Response Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, coronavirus, COVID-19, essential service, pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2, service reduction, service restoration, shutdown, transit agency


Given the outbreak and impacts of a pandemic virus, a Pandemic Virus Service Restoration Checklist (PVSRC) is intended to serve as a single reference to guide the development and restoration of transit service in the post-pandemic phase. The PVSRC will support the APTA Mobility Recovery & Restoration Task Force’s efforts as it develops further guidance.

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