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Defining a Transit Asset Management Framework to Achieve a State of Good Repair


This Recommended Practice is intended as an introduction to the high-level requirements for building a transit asset management framework to achieve a state of good repair, including definitional issues and resources for further study.

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APTA SGR-TAM-RP-002-13 Original 08/28/2013 Published Current


asset management, asset inventory, state of good repair, organizational change


With more and more emphasis being placed on the State of Good Repair initiative coming out of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), agencies are finding themselves in the position of uneasiness and possible confusion. Transit leaders may ask, “How am I going to get this going?” or “Where do I even begin?” This guide is meant to serve as a starting point that can be read quickly but provide a solid base and a high level of confidence on where to begin. Much has been written on asset management and the state of good repair. This guide will point to currently available materials, as well as provide some examples of real-world experience in implementing such initiatives.

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