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Forming Partnerships to Promote Transit-Oriented Development and Joint Development


This Recommended Practice guides transit agencies in partnering with businesses and community entities to promote transit-oriented development (TOD) and joint development (JD).

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APTA SUDS-UD-RP-002-09 Originial 12/31/2009 Published Current


business, joint development, partnerships, transit-oriented development,


Numerous transit agencies have worked since the 1970s to encourage transit-oriented development and to pursue joint development programs or individual joint development projects. Generally, these projects refer to the same type of transit-supportive development; the distinction lies in who is sponsoring and who is involved in the project. The guidance provided in this document draws on that experience and provides a range of practices and techniques to consider. The practices and examples presented in this document are organized into three main sections: guidelines for defining internal agency policies and processes for pursuing joint development and transit-oriented development; guidelines for joint development processes and partnerships; and guidelines for achieving public support to establish a shared vision for transit-oriented development

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